Perkins' Eco Range: TableWare - Stationery - Toys

Monday, 13 June 2022
Perkins' Eco Range: TableWare - Stationery - Toys

Introducing our Eco Range produced with Plastic packaging and has been reduced and in many cases eliminated. Plastic packaging has been reduced and in many cases eliminated.

An environmentally friendly product is one that is less harmful to the environment than its conventional counterparts. At Perkins, we guarantee that our environmentally friendly products are 100 percent ecologically friendly. Show your customers that you care about the environment by buying our new high-demand range.

The new collection is divided into three sections: Tableware (Household), Stationery, and Toys.

TableWare (Household): Natural materials, reduced plastic packaging. Biodegradable plates and bowls.

Drinkware made with PLA - Polylactic Acid (PLA) is different from most thermoplastic polymers in that it is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. Polylactic Acid is biodegradable and has characteristics similar to polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), or polystyrene (PS).

Stationery: using post consumer recycled paper pulp, that can be recycled again. Reduced or zero plastic packaging.

The primary benefit of post-consumer materials is that they divert waste away from landfills and towards recycling operations, where it can be given a second (and third, and fourth, and so on!) life.

Toys: made of sustainably sourced wood rather than plastics. Packaging with reduced or zero plastic.

Plush toys manufactured using post consumer recycled drink bottles with the average 16cm item using 15 500ml water bottles.


With our eco-friendly collection, you can connect with your clients by offering them significant environmental credentials. In addition to our popular eco-friendly range, we try to ship orders received before midday from our Swansea warehouse within two working days. You can contact our sales team by emailing at [email protected] or call us on 01202 891890.

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