Non Foods / Pax

Non foods

In 2011 we decided to take our entire non foods range and give it a corporate identitiy with the Pax logo. This resulted in a 56 page catalogue covering , Cleaning, Homeware, Pet, Mini Pax, Sundries, Party, Gift, Fun, Travel, Stationery and post.

All ranges have total displine supported by layout plans.

Pax - Clean


1m and 05m layout plans as well as free display stands if rquired. Everything covered from a cleaning cloth to a dustpan and brush.


This covers a colour co-ordinated range of hanging pack non foods. Ranged in 1m and 0.5m covering corkscres, can openers and even wine stoppers and potato peelers.

Pet Pax

From pigs ears to dog chews this is a great impulse range of pet accerries that is all at the right retail price. All a co-ordinated range under our own label.


Pax - Combination

Pax - Home

Mini Pax

This is our range of the emergency top lines. Others in the market place include Eureka and Carepak but this tends to be cheaper covering the same comprehensive range. Products include show laces, cotton, safety pins, fuses and even baby soothers.

Gift Pax

This display covers everything from Confetti to gift bags.

Party Pax

This is the one stop shop for party. We cover banner, ballons, candles and even the paper plates and serviettes.

Pax - Mini

Stationery Pax

Although a specialism and shown on a different page I confirm that the core non foods range includes a 0.5m to 2m stationery offer. This is included as part of a one stop ranging brochure but also to show that we can provide a stand solution as needed.


Included as range for the specialist stores or on route.

Postal Pax

Postal has been the fastest growing area of stationery and is also probably one of the most profitable for you. An increase in product movement and on line selling has seen this boom over the last few years. The postal stand has taken an inconvenient and difficult to merchandise product range and created a ready made retail solution.

Pax - Party

Pax - Pet