Summer 2015

Last year we took a critical look at Summer to explore the means by which we could take sales to a new level. In a normal 'traditional summer' sales commence with Easter and run through to Septmebr 1st when schools return. Our decsion was to create variations of Summer where the stores can stay fresh. Bubbarific has been our biggest innovation and pushed Summer sales into February (expanding the opportunity). This was followed with the tradtional Summer stand and then Bubbarifiic corresponding with the school holidays.


Bubbarific is simply Terrific!

The Bubbarific concept was built around taking a top selling product and then maximising sales and looking at why. For 2012 we launched with a great range starting at just 99p and running through to £4.99. From that data we have analysed the sales and for 2013 you will see a really great new range with more emphasis on lower retail price points as the opportunity moves to expolit pocket money toy sales.

This has been an exceptional development. We recommend a March or earlier delivery and top ups on the key product before introducing the Summer stands.

This is a huge opportunity for something very different.


Summer - Balls - Toy Story

splash zone

Splash Zone

In the same manner that we took Bubbles and created Bubbariffic we looked at Spalsh zone as a similar project. Water guns were three of the top selling products and so we looked to develop sales on a success. Bubbarrific is that concept and in our view an end of season promotion to line up with school Summer holidays.

summer stands 2013

Shelf Ready packaging for 1m to 4m layouts

Please note that all product is produced in shelf ready packaging. This can be bespoke based on volume and is made in easy diplay and low stock holding.

We currently can produce layout plans for 1m to 4m depending on specific needs. This can extend considerably with beach ranges.

All products are fully safety tested and meet current certification. No expense is spared in our commitment to safety.

Balls for 2015

Please do not underestimate the value of balls as a product offer. Our recommendation is to always have a traditional boys ball such as shoot or Striker and ensure the large Disney ball is covered for the girls. The latter is licensed product and through our German partners we ensure a mix of top licenses in all 12 packs. This covers top licenses such as Diney Princess through to the current Spiderman, Dora or even the Avengers!

ball stands 2013

One off promotions and Beach

Please note we also provide a complete range of beach product and have also developed a 'lifes a beach display stand concept' as a means of assisting merchandising standards and uniformity at branch level.

lie's a beach