Providing the perfect' instant display solution'

For spring season we are able to provide retail solutions to meet retailers needs. This can range from a full FDU and pre-priced through a smaller range of say 3 lines in a shelf display pack.

Terms are agreed by the customer and subject to availability. Our final closing date for bespoke production is Sept 1st, after which we have stands and stock but all available on a first come first served basis.


Spring - Stand - Valentines

Robust display units

Please note display units have been designed for display and all units are normally just a one piece solution with clip in shelving.

Our display stands are produced in China and laminated to protect them from being water absorbent and as such easily damaged.

Spring - Stand - Mothers Day

It's not just display units

In addition to the full display units we also provide lindividul lines in company specific packaging. This can range from plush product at specific retail price points through to Mugs for Mothers day or Bunny ears for Easter.


Spring - Mugs - Mothers Day

Counter display solutions

The visual shows a special disply solution produced for Mugs. This particular product has the benefit of internal and external printing as well as a robust display box with reversable header. On one side it relates to Mothers day and then on the other it refers to a 'Gift for Mum'.

Spring - Stand - Easter


With all spring seasons we do have clearance offers to meet a specific price point. Normally this is a mixed package that can be available loose or in display boxes as required. This comes under our 'Gifts 2 Go' haeader and only available by specific request.

For further information contact t.pugh@perkinsgroup.co.uk or call 07855 855542. Clearance is normally a qty in excess of 2000 pieces or £2000.


Spring - Dog - Valentines