Buttons - Bear

Buttons the Bear was first created in 2005 and due to it's popularity has grown into the brand Buttons Bear and Friends. This now has not only a huge family but also has branched into seasonal ranges, which will be on offer throughout the year.

Buttons - Cow

Buttons - Donkey - Heart

Along side the core range of Buttons Bear and Friends we also offer promotions for all seasons including Valentines, Mothers Day & Christmas.  We have Message Buttons and Buttons in Hawanii shirts, such a huge variety to choose from.   We have the stationery range which inlcudes Pencils, Pens, Stampers and lots more.  All complete with our fabric Pencil cases and backpacks. 

Buttons - Stationery Display

Buttons Babies

Using the very softest fabrics with delicately embroidered details, our beautiful Buttons Babies range presents a more contemporary and fresh approach to the run of the mill all pink and all blue bears. From the irresistibly squashy and velvety bears, to our unusual adorable lambs our Buttons Babies are proud to be part of our Buttons family.  


Now introducing Buttons Dinosaurs, the newest addition to the buttons family in 2015.

To see more please visit www.buttonsbearandfriends.co.uk

Buttons - Leopard

Buttons - Dinos